Do you or a loved one have problems gaining access to all the areas of your home?
Has an accident, aliment or the natural progression of time preventing you from enjoying your home?
Is selling your home not a viable option?

​Lift Assist can help!

A stair lift, home elevator, or dumbwaiter installed and maintained by Lift Assist insures that your journey will be smooth, steady and safe. Surprises in life can be delightful, but not on stair lifts or in elevators. Peace of mind is the prevailing emotion when you realize how much safer you and your family will be with the increased mobility offered by Lift Assist.

Have an exterior porch, deck or landing causing accessibility challenges in your home? For someone using a wheelchair, motorized scooter, or any mobility challenge, a porch or other architectural element can pose a barrier. A vertical platform lift can deliver the most simple and direct solution. A vertical platform lift – in both residential and commercial settings will provide a smooth and effortless transition straight up and down, from patio to porch, driveway or parking lot to entryway, backyard to deck, even floor to floor. Lift Assist can link your exteriors to your interiors efficiently and up to 14’ in height.

You love your home and you should not have to move just because of a staircase or architectural element. Let Lift Assist help you take the lift journey to Independence. Contact us for a no obligation, complimentary in home presentation and estimate today. The beauty of your home can be enhanced by the elegance of a finely crafted stair lift, dumbwaiter, or elevator from Lift Assist. Reduce the stress on your knees, ankles and hips, take the Lift Assist journey to independence.

Need to take your motorized scooter with you? We can install a scooter lift in your vehicle.