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If you have a personal mobility device and are in need of a vehicle lift to assist with transport, we can help. Over 25 years ago, Bruno literally created the vehicle lift. The thought that a wheelchair or scooter, let alone a 400 pound wheelchair, could be lifted and stowed into a vehicle was revolutionary.

Lift Assist is proud to offer the more than 20 different vehicle lifts Bruno offers. No matter what type of vehicle you own or mobility device you use, we have a vehicle lift that will meet your needs perfectly. We are committed to your personal independence and the Bruno award winning, innovative vehicle lifts can be the tool that gets you there.

Stairlifts can have numerous features, appropriate for your individual needs and budget. Lift-Assist is proud to highlight Bruno’s line of stairlifts. Bruno is North America’s largest producer of indoor stairlifts, and is an ISO-9001 Certified manufacturer. 

When the day comes that you decide you want to enhance your home with a stairlift, proceed with confidence! A Lift-Assist and Bruno stairway lift will provide you with years of dependable performance. 

For homes with curved staircases, you should not have to compromise your superior standards with just any stair lift. Lift-Assist is proud to offer Bruno’s Electra-Ride III Curved Rail Stairlift.

During your Lift-Assist in home consultation, our trained staff will complete a professional measurement of your staircase. Then the expert craftsmen at Bruno will create your Electra-Ride III to the exact specifications of your staircase. This top quality stair lift will ensure that you have the safety you need without having to jeopardize the beautiful staircase in your home.

Every aspect of the Electra-Ride III is a work of art. The seat, with upholstery selections, and carriage, incorporates everything Bruno has learned in the creation of the world’s most comfortable, reliable Stairlift. The Electra-Ride III Stairlift is mounted as close as 7” to the wall and anchored to the steps not the wall. It is battery powered which eliminates the need for additional electrical installation and allows the Stairlift to run during power outages. This Stairlift features fold up armrests, footrests and seats to maximize space on the stairs when family members or guests are using the stairway. No two Stairlift are alike. Only the quality is consistent.

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Elite Indoor Curved Stairlift
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Sometimes called a porch lift, a vertical platform lift offers reliable wheelchair access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home. A wheelchair lift can increase mobility and provide a new level of independence for anyone who uses a wheelchair, powerchair, or scooter. These lifts are designed to handle nearly any mobility device with a 750 pound lifting capacity.

LiftAssist is proud to carry Wheelchair Lifts built by Bruno. These lifts offer safe, dependable service that reflects the unit’s simplicity of design and operation. As with all the lifts we sell and install at LiftAssist,safety is a prime concern. All of the vertical platform lifts we offer come with safety features including, the spring sensitive bottom platform that shuts the unit down if an obstruction is encountered. These lifts also have an automatic, self lowering, folding ramp for easy on and off when in the ‘down’ position. When in the ‘up’ position, the folding ramp acts as a safety barrier. The control buttons are easy to understand and use. With simple push button controls, an emergency stop switch and weather protection for outdoor use.

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