Residential Elevators

Since 1981, we have been installing, servicing, and modernizing elevator equipment. There are many factors  involved in selecting a home elevator for your application. Size and shape, location, and budget decisions will require help from someone like Lift-Assist. There are very few companies with Lift-Assist's diversity of experience. 

We highlight Waupaca elevator products because we believe in American ingenuity, quality control and dependability. Our partnership with Waupaca has been a very positive development in our business growth. Waupaca offers a wide variety of products, such as home elevators, and prices. 


Commercial Elevators
Chair Lifts

Lift-Assist technicians are class 1 licensed, which means that we are certified to work on ANY elevators or lifts. Commercial equipment from smaller LULA (Limited use Limited access) elevators to large, fast high rise elevators are no problem for us. We have installed, repaired and modernized elevator equipment from New York to Las Vegas. Our chief technician worked as an instructor for one of the major commercial manufacturers for 12 years. Again ...very few other service providers in this business can offer the diversity of experience that we can! 
If you have any needs for commercial elevator or accessability equipment services please contact us. 


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