$3250 MSRP

The Deluxe Model Scooter from Stars and Stripes has a front privacy windshield that not only blocks wind, but also allows you to travel comfortably in any outfit.  Featuring 2 rear view mirrors that give you added safety to your ride. The seat has quilted padding to add extra cushion and luxury. It also has an adjustable headrest, adjustable backrest, and adjustable armrests that can be folded out of the way. The swivel seat allows for your choice of eight different positions for a wonderful motorized scooter driving experience.

Able to go up to 25 miles on one charge, the Deluxe Model electric scooter is ideal for someone on the go. 

​11" pneumatic tires, up to 25 miles per charge run distance, two 12V 50Ah batteries, 352 lbs maximum passenger weight capacity.

$1799 MSRP


Deluxe Model Electric Scooter
Superior Model Electric Scooter

$4250 MSRP

Lite Model Electric Scooter

Quickly and easily disassembles into 4 pieces for easy transportation, the Lite Model Scooter by Stars and Stripes is a great combination of style and luxury with a much very economical price. Whether you are going shopping, to the doctor, on vacation, or just to visit friends and family, this model can fit easily into most any car.

With features such as a front windshield and basket, and swivel and height adjustable seats, you will be sure to be comfortable where ever you go.  

​9" Solid tires, up to 16 miles per charge distance, two 12V 22Ah batteries, and 280 lbs maximum capacity.

Quality and luxury is at the top of the line with the Superior Model Scooter from Stars and Stripes. Including all the high-end features of the Deluxe Model electric scooter, the Superior Model electric scooter also has more power and capacity, and the ability to go 40% further on a single charge. Comfort and exceptional performance makes this motorized scooter go beyond all your expectations.  

13" pneumatic tires, up to 35 miles per charge run distance, two 12V 80Ah batteries, 440 lbs maximum passenger weight capacity.